Sunday, November 6, 2016

Trumped-Up Assassination Attempt?

How much did the Republican candidate pay that guy in the audience to yell "Gun!" How much did Mr. Trumper-Upper stage this whole supposed assassination attempt?

A. Completely

B. Not at all

Gentle, and not so gentle reader, tell me what you think. Nothing this guy does would surprise me, and if tomorrow Trump says some Democrat tried to kill him then, well, that's exactly the kind of thing he would say, isn't it?

I don't like assassinations but I do wish some Act of God would airlift him to his favorite hotel, where he'd stay, among the Lotos-eaters, forever, and forever out of politics. Forever out of business would be great, too, God, while you're at it. Just keep him comfortable but way, way, out of power.


  1. Sitting on the plane-- the first of three-- to Australia. Hillary in town for the second time in a week! Trump has also been to Pittsburgh a couple of times recently too. Apparently we are the place where Trumpers and Hillary supporters are equally numerouso. So glad to be flying away from this nasty election!

  2. Well, I sure hope you voted!!! for Madame Clinton. And I think Bill will make a sweet first man, as long as she's in charge.

  3. I did indeed vote for HC with an absentee ballots. Could not overcome the majority'S desperation for change.

    1. Desperate is right. One look in the man's eyes, and you'd have to run.