Thursday, October 20, 2016

Trump Lived Up to His Name, Didn't He?

He's always trumping something up. Like this: in the ninth month you can take the baby and rip the baby out of the womb of the mother just prior to the birth of the baby. No, you can't, as many late-term abortion providers have already tweeted, but that's hardly the point. The real point is you could see Caligula in Trump's eyes as he said this. You really could see him ripping a baby out of the womb. Sadistically. Taking yet more revenge on women. Think this is a media conspiracy, Donald? Oh, nobody reads me. I wish they would. You moderators, you: why on earth didn't you call him out on the carpet when he pointed at Madame Clinton and said, "She's a nasty woman." This is much more than petulant bad behavior; it's degrading to the United States, and the world is appalled that such talk is allowed. Why didn't Chris Wallace say, "Mr. Trump, this kind of language is not allowed. You must apologize." Any kindergarten or grade school teacher would have done this--but all moderators have simply allowed this bullying, uncouth behavior. I'm disgusted. And Caligula goes on. Trump is already Caligula, but imagine Caligula in the oval office. Brrrrrr:

Monday, October 17, 2016

How To Moderate The Next Clinton-Trump "Debate": Ten Tips

(1) If you haven't Googled "How to Handle a Malicious Narcissist," that's the least you should do. Consulting a few professionals would be better.

(2) Never say "yes," when the Republican candidate asks in that sneering tone, "Well, can I respond?" JUST SAY "NO!"

(3) Understand that you are not moderating a debate. You are making it possible for Madame Clinton to get a word in edgewise before the Republican candidate growls, "You'll go to jail!" or "She needs a drug test!" or "String 'er up!" 

(4) It is your bounden duty to put an abrupt and definite halt to such remarks: "Stop that, Donnie! We don't talk like that, Donnie! Behave yourself!" would--yes, really--be appropriate. If you feel a need for decorum, and I think you should not, then say, "Mr. Trump! That language is inappropriate! You have two minutes to re-phrase." 

(5) Before the debate even begins, lecture the candidates on expected behaviors, making clear that any and all inappropriate remarks or threats will be censured. Each candidate is expected to speak to the issues.

(6) Understand that you really don't need to know the issues yourself. You don't need to bone up on the latest ghastly Donaldism or Wikileaks. This election has never been about "the facts." It's always been about personalities. 

(7) Consider the mistakes of moderators in the last two debates. Flummoxed by the Republican candidate's bad behavior, they ignored it, behaving as though his menacing motions and words were something to be ignored. They aren't. Step into the fray and call him on his shit.

(8) When you don't do this, Hillary Clinton is left in the position of the mom who's supposed to mop up after the huge mess, with no Dad backing her up. That's really not fair. Moderators so far have allowed her to be bullied. You then create a situation in which Trump is allowed to be predator and she is forced to be prey.

(9) When a candidate refuses to play by the rules of polite society, then you cannot stick to these rules yourself. You must be active. 

(10) If you remain passive, and if the Republican candidate wins, then there will be a catastrophe followed by a post-war period and a need for a de-Trumpification process. Even if Madame Clinton wins--and please, let's hope she does--the media needs to plan, with good government, a de-Trumpification process that will neutralize the hatred stirred up by Trump and which he will otherwise work to keep alive.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Wikileaks, Shmikileaks--Why You Should Love Hillary Clinton (and Why Doesn't Assange Go After Trump?)

The cynical Julian Assange--I like the man less and less--has been quoted as saying the choice between Clinton and Trump is one between gonorrhea and cholera. Oh, come on. That's an attitude that comes of being stuck in the Ecuadorean embassy for too long. Clinton is presidential: she knows how to be president, and we know Trump doesn't know how to do that. He knows how to be Hitler. He knows how to be Duterte. He knows how to be Jack the Ripper. He knows these things. But he doesn't know dignity, he doesn't know love, he doesn't know honor. Clinton does. Let's revisit Fran Lebowitz's observations from last May:

You've got to admit, Madame Lebowitz has a way of being bitingly correct. Even more bitingly correct right now. 
The BBC interviewed the residents of Youngstown, Ohio, many of whom have lost their way of life, their steel mills, their jobs, and who think that some change, as represented by Trump, is good change. They believe the Republican candidate to be anti-establishment; they believe him to be looking out for them. I ask them to observe the threats, the accusations, the denials of the man. I ask them to ask themselves whether they truly discount the words of so many women who describe being fondled, kissed, groped, and assaulted by Trump, and whether they can honestly nod and wink at his gleeful boasts and say "boys will be boys." Can you who are voting for this man truly believe he will not treat you all as he treated these women?

Monday, October 10, 2016

Hillary Clinton Could Have Laughed All Night . . .

But she didn't. Oh, how I wish Hillary Clinton had pulled out a wand, waved it, and quipped "Riddikulus!" when those hoptoads and vipers slimed out of his mouth. He was pouting so hard they could barely make their way past his big ole rat teeth, but they remain as determined as he and they sat, panting and stinking, at his feet, grinning out at the audience.

The worst, Madame Clinton, returns to laughter--if only you'd known to laugh. You got Puritan and rapped the bad boy on the wrist, and the bad boy flipped you with a jiu jitsu move. 

I was glad you at least smiled. But then you wagged a finger instead of a wand--preacher instead of good witch--and told us to check facts.

Oh, the facts are so irrelevant. Personality is all. Show us your confidence by chuckling. Crack a joke or five. But don't lecture. To do so is to take him seriously.

I voted for you by absentee ballot on September 30 and I hope to goodness my ballot got there.  I hope all the Americans abroad sent in their ballots already, and hope the ballots got to the Board of Elections.

Final thoughts:


Never said I was perfect,
America, popped
Tic Tacs, grabbed girls
By the pussy, squeezed ‘em onna tits,
Kissed ‘em they love it!
They love me! Hey,
In the land of the freebies . . .
I’m so hot they can’t resist,
In the home of the brash . . .
I just can’t help it, ooh,
So sexy, ya know?
I’m a genius, I built
That city upon a hill
They’re lookin’ at us, kid, they are,
I’m a star, I got a better personality
Oh, say they can see
I moved on her like a bitch
I can do it—I’m rich:
Got a right to life, liberty, pursuit:
Says so right here.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

"Obviously, Marital Vows Mean Nothing To Him . . . "

Says The New York Times about the Republican presidential candidate. That's hardly the point. NOTHING means anything to him. Nothing at all. He enjoys power and women, but they mean nothing beyond continuing the game. He likes thrills, but even they mean nothing to him. Our lives mean less to him.

Transmitting this message to people in danger of voting for him means everything to me.