Saturday, November 12, 2016

Demagogue Diversions

Morality, Oscar Wilde tells us, is "simply the attitude we adopt towards those whom
we personally dislike." Anyone who "cannot talk morality twice a week to a 
large, popular, immoral audience is quite over as a politician." By these lights, 
Trump has been talking morality. So did Hitler, so have other demagogues. May I make 
the point that at least one has learned from her mistakes? Anita Bryant, who used to
say that if God had wanted homosexuals he'd have made Adam and Steve, not Adam and 
Eve, who, hit in the face with a pie, prayed for her assailant, begging God to 
"deliver him from his deviant lifestyle." But hey--does anyone notice she says, "At 
least it's fruit pie?" Maybe the ole gal was already coming 'round. She appears to have
come round now--the Florida Mom who plugged oranges and tried to kick gay people out
of the teaching profession and drive homosexuals from the nation says she now believes in living 
and letting live. Some sources say she says "just don't flaunt it or legalize it," and oh, Anita,
I am so disappointed in you if you're still qualifying your position. Stick to "live and let live."
But even if she's waffling, notice, please, that she's a woman, and she's more than halfway 
Did any of the other (male) demagogues even begin to apologize? 
They think real men don't apologize--and that's why women should rule 
the world! Good women! Like the Democratic contender. 
Hillary Clinton, we love you. 

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