Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A dumpster in paradise

I'm back from the dump, which yielded Otis Stuart's biography of Nureyev and--in mint condition, binding not cracked--Susan Gubar's Memoir of a Debulked Woman, which may be too sad to read.  Slim pickings with clothes:  my daughter got a black watch Lanz nightgown in good condition.  Meanwhile, as the chicken sitting on garlic, red bell peppers, red onions, and baby carrots incubates in the oven, my husband is cleaning the table outside.  We pick our way to the garden table since the dogs are still relieving themselves in the garden. Guests are coming for dinner.


  1. I read a long excerpt from Gubar's "Debulked Woman" memoir when it appeared in the Chronicle of Higher Education. The poor woman. I hope I am never "debulked." Cancer is terrible and some of the treatments (like this one) seem almost equally terrible, or more so.

    What an indignity for the co-author of "Madwoman in the Attic." I think Susan Gilbert also had something horrible happen medically. Not to her but to her husband: I believed he had an angioplasty and died in the recovery room from unchecked bleeding.

    The pissy ghosts of misogynistic Victorians may be hovering, bothering.....

  2. Yeah . . . .creepy! Luckily I found a few other treasures at the dump. Can't wait to read the Nureyev biography.