Tuesday, August 21, 2012

See Updates

I'm constantly updating the last few posts, and still interested in What Readers Want to Read.  Here are some topics I could easily cover:

• Easy, inexpensive, dishes for kids, including meat-free food

• The Essential Children's Books--for teens, tweens, beginning readers, and toddlers (including information on avoiding bowdlerized classics)

• Being an older Mom, to the point where it happens all the time that a kid sees you coming to pick up your daughter and shouts to her: "Hey, your grandma's here!"

• Coping with a Difficult Mom

• Oscar Wilde

• Americans and religion

• Intriguing, bizarre, pleasant, and weird experiences with doctors

• Experiences with horrible teachers (and how to help your child with them)


  1. 2, 4 and 6 sound most interesting

  2. I like the doctor's experiences ... do tell about "bizarre" and "intriguing"!