Sunday, August 19, 2012

Critical Mom Topics??

Dear Viewers of my Blog,
So far I've stuck to posts that interest me, but now for you.  Here are topics I thought you might like, and I'd like to hear from you if you do:  Post a line saying yes, you'd like more on that subject or no, you would not.  Here is my list:

(1) The Critical Mom's Guide to Household Hints.  This will include things like how to get silly putty out of a nice knit sweater (with hand sanitizer)

(2) The Critical Mom's Guide to Fertility.  Want to know how to get pregnant when you're forty or over?  Want to know how to get pregnant anytime under age 48?  I'll tell you how I did it.  This article will assume all plumbing is still there, and more or less functional.

(3) The Critical Mom's Guide to low-tech, low-budget, not-from-the-drug-store cold remedies.

(4) The Critical Mom's Guide to Children's Classics for toddlers through teens.

(5) Surviving on Nantucket when you are neither a billionaire nor a millionaire.  When you are, in fact, plain-ole poor.

So let me know if you'd like posts on these topics.  Thanks.

The Critical Mom


  1. Household hints sound great and I'm really interested in the fertility topic too! Thanks for being willing to share!

    1. OK! Another great one: if you like very strong, but not bitter coffee, use eggshells--just save them, rinse them, and put them in the bottom of a french press pot with ground beans. Full post will follow, however

  2. I'd like to read about #3. The new school year begins soon and my son frequently gets a cold the first couple Weeks of school...every year.

  3. That info about "Thieves" was amazing. Thank you!