Sunday, October 28, 2018

Donald Trump on the Pittsburgh Shootings

Guns in a house of worship? That is what Trump wants. He blames the dead for not bringing guns to synagogue. He blames the dead in high schools for not bringing guns to school. Trump has Jewish grandchildren, a Jewish son-in-law, a daughter who at least nominally converted to Judaism. Does he care about them? Does he assume they'll never have a problem because he can always hire bodyguards who carry guns?
He cares more about the NRA than he does about his family. Or about the American family. A mafia don, he's telling us we need protection.
Gun control gun control gun control gun control gun control gun control gun control gun control gun control gun control gun control gun control gun control gun control!
Please, gun control. That must now become our political, religious, moral, philosophic, and patriotic goal. All hands on deck.


  1. "Gun Control" unfortunately is a hot hot button term that won't get broad support, but yes we need at the minimum to remove assault style weapons from our society, keep guns out of the hands of disturbed people, and everything else to keep events like Pittsburg from ever happening again. It would also help if elect a President who isn't a nationalist!

  2. To me it's so sad that the CEO of Levi Strauss has to say he's not trying to repeal the second amendment, but he asks people not to bring guns into stores. That he has to ask at all is a tragedy. That "guns" are no longer defined as Flintlock rifles--that we call repeat-fire assault weapons by the same name we called "guns" in the 18th century, that legally these things are the same--that's a tragedy.

  3. Unfortunately, I've come to believe our country (America) is deeply invested in weaponry -- we make weapons, we sell them, we strategically salt them all over the world. It's the only reason I can think of for why we have refused to enact laws making it impossible for non-military personnel to buy assault rifles. The NRA keeps a certain segment of the country buying and using weapons while also controlling politicians through their lobbying power. We have become desensitized to massacres because they are pretty much a monthly occurrence.