Friday, May 11, 2018

On Being Spammed: Does that Escort Service in Bangalore Know They're Cozying Up To Cancer?

For weeks now, ladies and gentleman, a single post of my almost-unread blog has been spammed by  an outfit that calls itself "Rakhisen Bangalore Escorts" and whose website, picturing a languid beauty in reflector shades sunning herself in a place seemingly more Caribbean than Bangalorean, urges me to call "right away." No matter how many times I hit the permanent delete key, their ads pop up again and again, like weeds, or, well, unwanted cancer calls, the kind that turn into big fat cancer tumors when you have the kind of wonky genes sported by yours truly, as proved by my FoundationOne test. Now, FoundationOne could spam me all they like, if they want to, but I'd just like to point out they're too classy to do so. Eventually their tests will save lives, but I would enjoy letting the many Escort Services In Bangalore who dump their ads on a blog post concerning a clinical trial for cancer that they're associating cancer with their escort service. That's entirely appropriate, clinically speaking (but maybe not from a business point of view?)
I'm sure my readers remain aware that they can get the HPV virus from sexual contact, also that sexual contact is generally speaking what escort services offer, and I'm sure you all know that this particular virus can cause uterine cancer and girls, believe me, you don't want to deal with uterine cancer. I'm dealing with breast cancer metastasized to the bone right now, and when I go in for my monthly Fulvestrant shots, I never know whether I'm going to get the short, slim nurse with the tattoos who knows now to give the shot painlessly or the last idiot I had, whose method resulted in my nearly blacking out--thanks to the idiot's technique, I think I know what it must feel like to be beaten, because these shots are given in the gluteus maxiumus, the last place you'd want an injection if you had a choice in the matter. Which I don't. Another thing about so-called escort services: they tend, oh, in my opinion, to exploit young, often underage girls who have no way to make a living other than to hang on the arm of and be sexually abused by the sort of man who needs an escort service because he has no idea how to fall in love. I've now deleted ads for escorts in Bangalore about ten times from the very same post. I wonder how persistently they will continue to spam me, now that I've made it clear that every single ad they lob to my blog--and on a post about the cancer drug Palbociclib, no less--associates their product with an incurable and exceedingly unpleasant disease. Will this be curtains for those Bangalore escort ads? Gee, I really hope so. 


  1. I'm not an expert on spam (or computers etc.), but to me it sounds a bit as if a machine or algorithm is doing the spamming rather than a person? If that were the case, I doubt the spamming will stop... Once my instagram got hacked on literally every single day and it didn't stop until I deleted it, despite my repeated complaining to instagram itself... while it was a different account that did the hacking every time, it would be a little bit hard to believe that I got hacked every single day (so annoying!) by a different person... especially considering that now that I've got a new account, I didn't have any trouble again so far... my point is, I think once an algorithm, machine, whatever has attached itself to your account/post, it's really hard to get rid of it, as you can't really argue with an algorithm... so idk I hope the spamming stops, but if it doesn't I'd suggest to a) either ignore it (people who see it will know that it's spam) or b) delete and possibly repost the entry... either way I hope that problem will resolve itself!

  2. I know . . . could be a bot, but I figure if I associate the name of their outfit with "cancer" often enough, even the bot might alogorithm me out. Hope so. Thanks for commenting

  3. This is so funny! I think maybe it's because Penis and Palbociclib start with the same letter????