Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Critical Mom's Fatigue

Somehow or other, the Critical Mom has to get four syllabi done and prepare the classes that go with them.  But she is preoccupied with the writing project that seems to have no sense of direction and then there's the laundry, the cooking, the relative cleanliness of the kitchen (A child complained at finding a grasshopper near his breakfast . . . the grasshopper proved athletic, difficult to confine, but did make it outside in a plastic cup.)  Spiders still waltz around the ceiling unless I take the broom and whack away their webs.  The guinea pig cage needs cleaning . . . more, now, since it's too cold to take the critters to their outdoor cage, and the indoor one all too rapidly becomes a giant litterbox.  (But I cleaned it a couple days ago!) But they eat and poop and eat and poop and I like to see them eat so I have to put up with them pooping.  Whenever I ask the kids to remove the garbage or clean the toilet they seem to have gone deaf.
What's a mom to do?
Well, a chocolate bar would be nice right about now.
I just phoned a friend in New York instead.

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