Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Another Stir Fry Recipe from The Critical Mom

In a large bowl, put:

several tablespoons of fish sauce
several shakes of soy sauce (or low sodium soy sauce)
several shakes of Tabasco or if you have time, a few red chilis. Crumble them up first.
a tablespoon or two of sugar OR of honey
lots of chopped garlic (clove after clove after clove)

Stir all well and set aside.

Then, take some boned chicken and cut it into thin strips.  Or, instead, use fresh shrimp.  Put either the chicken or the shrimp into the bowl, stir, and let it marinate while you start up some rice in the rice cooker.  Basmati rice or white sticky rice are always good with this.  Thai red cargo rice is good, too.  Regular old rice is fine as well.

Get a skillet hot, pour in vegetable oil or corn oil, let that get hot while you slice some zucchini.  Or red bell peppers.  Or any vegetable that seems happy to be stir-fried.  Stir fry that vegetable--eggplant would be another possibility, with garlic powder and a little diced fresh ginger--and set aside.  Now stir fry the chicken, with the marinade, and when it's just about done, add in the veggies, mix, stir, fry a bit more, and serve.  With rice and white wine.

Guten appetit!  As they say here in Deutschland.

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