Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Critical Mom's Cranberry Relish

With apologies to Fannie Farmer.  This recipe is very close to the one in her cookbook.  But just one little addition or two  . . .

Two cups washed fresh cranberries
One cup sugar
One teaspoon nutmeg (FF left this out!!)
One hunk fresh ginger--as big as you dare
A dash of cinnamon (as long as your husband likes it)
One large orange.

Dump all ingredients in food processor, after washing the orange and slicing it into three or four pieces.  Naturally, leave the peel on.  Process until it is a mush with a few red dots.  Stir.  Pour into bowl or container--cover it with plastic wrap or a plastic top--and let sit for at least an hour, or overnight.  Serve with turkey.

All this is a bit late for Thanksgiving unless you're celebrating it tomorrow the way we are, because Thursday is not a holiday in Deutschland.

It's good by itself.  It's good with chicken.  I'm sure you'll find lots of things with which it can be served.  Mmmm, mmmmm good.

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