Monday, October 1, 2012

Ten Fun Facts from The Critical Mom

1. A Mormon friend just called to invite me to her baby's blessing and delivered this enchanting tidbit:  "None of the Mormons I know are voting for Mitt Romney."  Her mother seconded the motion, adding "I don't trust him."

2. Home schooled children are sought after by American universities:  universities find that they are far better prepared than other applicants.

3. The German title of "Bringing Up Baby" is "Leoparden küsst man nicht" (One Doesn't Kiss Leopards).

4. A pregnant goldfish is called a twit.

5.  Obama's favorite book is Moby Dick.  But he has read all the Harry Potters, and can bench-press 200 pounds. (about 91 kilos)

6.  There are over 300 kinds of bread in Germany, and gummy bears were invented by a German.

7.  The United States has no official language--even though English is the language of government.

8.  The first soup ever made was hippopotamus soup.

9. Buckingham Palace was built in 1702 on the site of a brothel.

10.  In Greece, voting is required by law for everyone age 18 and up.