Sunday, October 16, 2016

Wikileaks, Shmikileaks--Why You Should Love Hillary Clinton (and Why Doesn't Assange Go After Trump?)

The cynical Julian Assange--I like the man less and less--has been quoted as saying the choice between Clinton and Trump is one between gonorrhea and cholera. Oh, come on. That's an attitude that comes of being stuck in the Ecuadorean embassy for too long. Clinton is presidential: she knows how to be president, and we know Trump doesn't know how to do that. He knows how to be Hitler. He knows how to be Duterte. He knows how to be Jack the Ripper. He knows these things. But he doesn't know dignity, he doesn't know love, he doesn't know honor. Clinton does. Let's revisit Fran Lebowitz's observations from last May:

You've got to admit, Madame Lebowitz has a way of being bitingly correct. Even more bitingly correct right now. 
The BBC interviewed the residents of Youngstown, Ohio, many of whom have lost their way of life, their steel mills, their jobs, and who think that some change, as represented by Trump, is good change. They believe the Republican candidate to be anti-establishment; they believe him to be looking out for them. I ask them to observe the threats, the accusations, the denials of the man. I ask them to ask themselves whether they truly discount the words of so many women who describe being fondled, kissed, groped, and assaulted by Trump, and whether they can honestly nod and wink at his gleeful boasts and say "boys will be boys." Can you who are voting for this man truly believe he will not treat you all as he treated these women?


  1. The choir's already dancing to this tune. I don't know how to reach those who are not . . .

  2. Bout the only thing we seem to agree upon is your line, "Clinton is presidential: she knows how to be president, and we know Trump doesn't know how to do that."
    However, one should also acknowledge that I am convinced and disheartened that Clinton would most likely be presidential just as has our current POTUS. Woe to us, the middle class, from a Clinton coronation.

  3. Well, I know--but I also see that the tragic losses in Youngstown, Ohio and other previous bastions of prosperity are not losses that cannot easily be remedied: Trump's attempts to fix things would result in greater losses all around, especially for these communities. He makes devil's bargains and is not honest. I'm not sure a Clinton, an Obama, or even a Franklin Delano Roosevelt could fix things: the steel industry, like many others, cannot be restored, especially not in a Global economy. But I know that Clinton works very hard to help the middle class. See the CNN interview with Bill Maher on Hillary Clinton.
    Thanks for commenting, too.