Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Christmas Eve Cha-Cha

Waiting for Santa
I got up to bake Christmas cookies around five this morning; by seven, my daughter was so eager to load them into cute red tins that one cookie leaped to the floor.
"Only one died, Mommy," she said.
"R.I.P. cookie, 2015-2015," intoned her brother.
She gave him a candy cane. It broke, so he gave it to their older brother, who crunched down on it, commenting: "I like my candy canes with a broken neck . . . just the way I like my brother."
Then in church, as I was singing "Gloooorrria, in excelsis deo!" my daughter asked if I were singing, "In egg-shells-is deo."
 My husband's cooking the goose, the aroma of which is making my stomach rumble. Yum. Raisin-apple stuffing. Dumplings. Red wine.
Christmas Goose, Bavarian dumplings, red cabbage, gravy, gravy, gravy . . .
It won't be a silent night--it will be lovely. 
We were amused by some of our presents: a certain relative re-gifted a 2015 weekly planner with her name on it in gold leaf--which she'd magic-markered out. But it doesn't even have the last few weeks of December 2015 . . .  


  1. Merry Christmas to all of you. The gift story is HILARIOUS!!!

  2. I know you can imagine who that was! Thanks! Books on the way for your three brats, plus some other surprises, soon!!

  3. Thanks sooo much for the books! They loved them and knew exactly who would get which book! We gave our eldest one a dictionary to look up the words she does not know and she started to read her book (she got the one about the theatre shoes). THANK YOU! And "Happy New Year", almost wanted to ad a "Sophie" in remeberence of the graet TV-play that will be wachted all over Germany tomorrow ;-)LOve