Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Critical Mom's Guide to Shopping

Milan Fashion Week sent its usual message:  grow six inches, drop twenty-five pounds (or 12 kilos) and while you're at it, drop thirty years too.  What if you just want something cute to wear to the Japanese restaurant on one of your two dates per year, something that makes your husband sit up straight and realize the girl he married is still there?  Cultivate any boutique with chic elastic-waisted pants and blouses with vertical stripes, and if none is available, check out these websites:

Plus your favorite hospital thrift shop in a large city.  Or one on a small and very rich island.  The Nantucket island thrift shop is the playground of the middle class:  if you want a gorgeous pair of shoes or a lovely jacket, go there:  a billionaire wore it once and then her short attention span got it to you via the thrift shop.

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