Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Why I Voted For Madame Clinton

Yes, I took "where you stand on the issues" quizzes on websites, trying to line up Bernie and Hillary with my beliefs. My seventeen-year-old, whose knowledge of politicians, political machines, American politics, German politics, and political systems is probably second only to that of Wolf Blitzer, Christiane Amanpour, and Anderson Cooper combined, thinks I should judge exclusively by the issues and the records of both candidates. He thinks I should have voted for Bernie.
I disagree. Personality and experience mean a great deal to me--and Madame Clinton has had the experience of being president. Technically, she was the woman behind the man, but we all know how that works. She got Bill up on that pedestal and she kept the morality dogs off his, so to speak, tail, when he was in trouble with Whatzerface--why use her name? W. doesn't want to remember any more than the rest of us do. It is Hillary who has the judiciousness, the self-restraint, and the huge gyrating brain. Bernie's pretty smart. I'm sure he'd do a great job too, and I'm with him in most areas, including not going after Mom-and-Pop shops selling guns that get used the wrong way. But Hillary's got 'sperience. She's been there in a way that Bernie never has. If he'd had a term already, I'd probably vote for him. I can hear my children yelling: It's because she's a woman! It's because you're over fifty! It's because you don't keep up with things! And what about those emails? Plus, what about her voting to go to war in Iraq? 
What about it? Here's what: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jeffrey-marburggoodman/five-myths-about-hillary-iraq-war-vote_b_9177420.html
And I say, children, there comes a time when you brush aside all the issues and look not so much at faces as at personalities. The shrewdness and the smarts belong to Hillary. Only time will tell whether my hunch was a good one. I would not be disappointed if Bernie won. But I'd be relieved if Hillary did. I'd think: NOW we can get something done!
Thank you, Democrats Abroad, for making my vote possible.

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