Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Critical Mom's Well-Mom Tea

You've got a cold, the flu, the Winter Doldrums generalized sick-'o-the laundry exhaustion, and you need a little pick-me-up, only it's ten in the morning, not ten at night so don't reach for the bottle of sweet red Moldavian wine. Instead:

(1) Get out a large thermos and fill it with boiling water. Refill water boiler and boil more water.

(2) Slice several large chunks of fresh ginger root and set aside.

(3) Slice in half a large lemon (or lime. Why not both!) Plastic-wrap the half you're not using and pop it into the fridge.

(4) Get out the jar of honey

(5) Get out your favorite tea. I like Moroccan Mint or fruit tea, but better yet fresh mint leaves.

(6) Pour out the water you used to heat the thermos and add the chunks of ginger, the lemon or lime, which you'll possibly have to slice in half, and the honey. I put in two heaping tablespoons of honey, sometimes more. 

(7) Pour in some boiling water to melt the honey; swish thermos around so the honey doesn't end up at the bottom and so you don't end up like Pooh Bear.

(8) Put in the tea bags, holding on to the little tags while you pour in the rest of the boiling water.

(9) Screw on top. Gently (gently!) hold and swing the thermos, to distribute flavors inside. Set aside.

(10) Wait at least half an hour. Drink. Then chew and eat at least one of those pieces of ginger. Zing! Doing so is very good for you.

Alternative: for a really bad cold, forget the tea bags and instead add Tabasco sauce--as one blogger said, a scary amount.

P.S. Chase your tea with one large clove of garlic. Chew and swallow. Keeps away bacteria, virii, and vampires. One of the Delaney sisters attributed their longevity to daily consumption of one raw garlic clove. Here are some of their tips:

And if all this doesn't work, go get the horrible antibiotics from your doctor.

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