Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Critical Mom's German-American Fourth of July: The Selling of America

First of all, nobody here knows it's the fourth.  We're not planning a weenie roast--it's a working day.  Shopping in the local supermarket, Aldi's, I noticed a pack of Trader Joe's cupcake mix, adorned with the Statue of Liberty . . . Aldi's, you see, the gigantic German supermarket that originated with two brothers who hail right from my little old neck of the woods in Northwestern Germany . . . Aldi's is now Trader Joe's.  Or bought their label, which is why suddenly Trader Joe's is now imitation Betty Crocker.  Where is the old Trader Joe's, the one with a fantastic granola and coffee and  . . . well, nobody's talking about granola anymore.  Organic fruit and cheese?  Trader Joe's as I remember it in the Los Angeles of 1991 seems not to exist.  The Aldi brothers imagine it differently. 
The Statue of Liberty is selling "just add water" junk food cupcakes.  Plus, Aldi's is now sprouting all over the U.S. . .  the nearest one to my New York place is on East 117th street.
On July 4 weekend, the Supreme Court decided that corporations can use religion as an excuse not to provide women with birth control.  The Statue of Liberty ought to be out there slamming her lamp down on the heads of the Koch brothers.  Or at least the Aldi brothers.
Plus, now a new spy scandal is emerging, starring, allegedly, a German working for the U.S.A.
Do Americans have anything to celebrate?
Jesus wept.


  1. Love that image of Lady Liberty! Just got back from five days in London. Today we pack up the Rome apartment and tomorrow home. Can't wait! Love to all y'all...

  2. Hi, and thanks! Have a really good flight home!