Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Lovesong of Angela and Edward, Critical Mom playing Duenna

They're wooing, those lovebirds.  

Barry was a meanie
Eddie is cool
Angie like a teeny
Rescuing a fool.

And Ed'll be one if he leaves the safety of Putinville.  The Germans know they can't protect him.  But I still hold out my welcome, should our hero find himself in Deutschland.  Edward, if you can find us, you're still most welcome to stay here.  Knock when I'm home, since my kids aren't allowed to open to strangers, though I do believe they'd recognize you.  We'll find a way to communicate without anyone hearing us.  Hope you like plain living and noisy kids, red wine and vegetables.  You'll find our guinea pigs cute, too.

P.S. We've got plenty of room for your girlfriend too.  We'll also put up Glen and his partner in a room of their own, and Laura and the guest of her choice can stay, too.  It might be mattresses on the living room floor, but hey, I promise good meals.

P.P.S.  In the Six-Degrees-Of-Separation department, Hans-Christian Stroebele's wife was in a study group with my husband at a German university.  

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