Thursday, November 22, 2012

American Music, German Schools, and The Critical Mom

 My fifth-grader came home alerting me to his teacher's insistance that the refrain goes, 
You can hear the wizards blow, a hundred miles
 "Actually, Mommy, the way she sings it is, "Yow can heah ze wizzuds blah-oh, ze hundred miles," 
the last word barked rather than lingered over.
 This gal has a Ph.D. in music and in all fairness conducts the school orchestra with such verve 
that people who are not parents of the musicians actually pay to hear it play.
 But really.  Gandalf and Dumbledore take note:  "You can hear the wizards blow a
 hundred miles!"  Let's hope they're at least blowing whistles, not passing gas. 

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