Monday, September 10, 2012

The Critical Mom's Random Recipe

Here's the leftover spaghetti-or-noodles-or-rice-enough-for-two recipe.  Get out the chopping board and dice, in four separate piles, the following:

one red onion
one piece of fresh ginger half the size of your thumb
A few cloves of garlic
A carrot (you can grate it)

Put a few tablespoons of corn or plant oil in a deep frying pan, and let it get hot.  Dice the fresh ginger and put it in the pan.  When it smells good, add a bit of diced, cured ham or bacon.  Continue to saut√© both and add the onion until it gets transparent, then the garlic, then the carrot.    Don't dump in everything at once--this comes out better if you wait til you can really smell the onion or the ginger cooking before you add the next ingredient.  When all four are in and sizzling, add the rice, spaghetti or noodles and stir.  Then add an egg or two and mix well until the egg is coating everything and holding together the ingredients.  Turn down heat; add a dash or two of sesame oil--the very brown aromatic kind--and stir.  Turn off heat and add a few dashes of light soy sauce.  Also a dash or two of Tabasco, unless you're serving this to children.  Voila


  1. This sounds like particularly tasty comfort food - thanks!

  2. Yes, it's great--and in Germany there's a cured diced ham called "katenschinken"--haven't seen this in the States but if you can get it it's handy. I love recipes that do something good with leftovers.